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Our Story

We launched Style Factor in 2016, and it has been the preferred brand for leading hair professionals around the world. Our clean, healthy formulas are super gentle, designed for all hair types, and deeply nourishing for the scalp. 

Salon Quality from Style Factor

Our founder worked in the salon industry and had tried hundreds of hair care products, ranging from major labels to niche brands. He couldn’t find quality formulas that delivered the kind of long-lasting results that he was looking for, so he set out to create them.

Green Beauty

All our formulas are non-toxic and incorporate natural ingredients.


Even nowadays some cosmetic
products are tested on animals. That
is not the case for us.

Made in the USA

We are committed to abiding by high standards for product testing and development.

Behind the Name


Get soaring confidence with elevated expectations. We only use the highest quality ingredients.



Your hair’s best defense. Fortify and strengthen your hair with healthy, long-lasting protection!

Ready to Grow

Our flagship product line is infused with biotin for thicker strands and touchable softness, but that’s only the beginning.

As we continue to grow and launch new products, we’ll always stay true to our purpose – creating clean, healthy haircare that empowers natural beauty. Hyfortifia helps you radiate confidence and get the look you love.